10 Time-Saving SharePoint Tips

SharePoint, the go-to collaboration and document management platform, is a valuable and versatile tool for businesses big and small. Whether you’re a seasoned SharePoint pro or just getting started with SharePoint Online, knowing the right shortcuts can significantly enhance your productivity and improve the user experience. So, grab your digital pen and let’s explore ten time-saving SharePoint tips and shortcuts that every user should know! 

SharePoint 101 

Before we dive into the shortcuts, let’s have a quick overview of SharePoint and SharePoint Online. It’s like a magical toolbox that lets teams collaborate, store, and share documents and information through various types of sites such as team sites, communication sites, and hub sites. These sites serve as valuable platforms for content management, enabling efficient sharing and organisation of files, news articles, and blog posts.

1. One-Click Access to Recent Files

Searching through lists for recently accessed files can be a drag, but SharePoint saves the day with the “Recent” shortcut. It’s like having a memory lane of your most recently opened documents within your SharePoint document library, so you can jump back into your work without wasting time on navigation. This feature also enhances user engagement and encourages consistent file naming for quick access. 

  1. Pinning Important Documents

Ever find yourself returning to the same files again and again? Pin them to the top of your document library on your SharePoint team site! Just click on the ellipsis next to the file name and select “Pin to top.” Voilà! Those critical files are just a click away, and no more repetitive searches. This feature is especially helpful for content owners and team site owners who want to ensure quick access to important content.

a screenshot of the dashboard in viva connections
  1. Instant File Previews

Preview files without opening them fully? Yes, please! SharePoint and SharePoint Online lets you do just that. Hover your cursor over a document in your SharePoint document library, and bam! A sneak peek appears, showing you the contents. This content planning tool saves time by allowing users to assess the document’s relevance without opening it fully. You can also utilise collapsible sections for improved content organisation within your documents. 

  1. The Power of Quick Edit

Time to be the hero of efficiency! “Quick Edit” mode lets you edit multiple list items or news articles at once within your SharePoint document library, almost like you’re using a spreadsheet. Edit metadata, make bulk changes, and reorganise content in a flash. This is an excellent way to maintain consistent file sharing settings and file versions across your organisation. 

  1. Uploading Multiple Files at Once

Uploading files one by one? Ain’t nobody got time for that! With SharePoint and SharePoint Online, select the files you want to upload, drag and drop them into the library, and let the magic happen. Multiple uploads made easy! This feature supports automated workflows and is a common workflow option for content owners looking to upload multiple blog posts or news articles. 

  1. Real-Time Co-Authoring

Collaboration made cooler! SharePoint Online’s real-time co-authoring feature allows multiple team members, even those who are inexperienced users, to work on the same document simultaneously. Watch as changes happen in real-time, and feel the teamwork flow! This is an excellent way to encourage user adoption and engagement while maintaining consistent file versions. 

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