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Integrate your systems with what your business needs

Our consultants want to help you make the most of your current systems, as well as implementing time-saving technology that will make life easier for your employees. We believe that having a deep understanding of the specific needs of each team or department is critical to being able to deliver a custom solution that will increase productivity across the entire organisation. It’s with this curious approach and years of experience that we not only define your needs, but go on to exceed your requirements.

Business Automation

We fight paper from every angle by building online solutions that capture, route, check, and process submissions. Using best of breed process automation tools, we build solutions that work across a range of devices, both online and offline.

Process Automation

Are you stuck taking data from one system and keying it into another? Or even worse, relaying information from paper forms? This is a huge productivity bottleneck that we can easily remove for you. Our automation skills allow you to get your systems (and even paper processes) talking, and let your people focus on higher value work.

Employee Experience

Have you ever looked at how your employees use your applications and tools to engage with each other and your business? Having an outside eye review your current practices allows for roadblocks or flaws in your current setup can be identified and solutions presented to ensure your employees, present and new, have an enjoyable experience.

Employee Engagement

Keeping your team in the loop with what is going on across the company is proven to build a more engaged workforce. By providing your workforce with a digital workplace – a virtual hub where they can gather to discuss ideas and resolve obstacles – you provide them with a way to engage with others across the organisation no matter where they’re located.

Digital Workplace

With so much of our 9-5 existing in the digital space, we’re faced with new challenges like connecting a remote workforce, maintaining security of private data, and the exchange and storage of content. Propelle helps you implement systems that allow staff to increase productivity without hindering flexibility.

Change Management

A new platform rollout can be a shock to the system. Propelle helps you navigate your new software as you introduce it across your organisation, ensuring that your team can adapt with minimal interruption to their day-to-day duties.

Support & Enhancement

A good solution is never finished on the day it goes live, and we never want to leave our clients hanging. Propelle offers training and guidance to ensure your teams feel comfortable using their new technologies and can provide ongoing support should you require more training, or require changes to your system.

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