Exploring the Features of the M365 App

Released back in October 2022, the Microsoft 365 App boasts a treasure trove of functionality that’s ready to be explored. In conversations with our clients and colleagues in the tech community, we’ve discovered that many Microsoft and Office 365 users aren’t making full use of the app and its suite of tools. So let’s delve into the lesser-known yet incredibly powerful features that the Microsoft 365 app brings to the table. 

Mastering the Microsoft 365 App – An App for Your Apps! 

The Microsoft 365 App serves as a central hub for accessing and managing all your documents, Office 365’s most popular tools, and applications. The app has been designed with easy access through mobile devices in mind, ensuring you’re always connected, regardless of your location. You’re no longer confined to desktop versions and can easily access your favourite features, including those from third-party apps! 

A standout feature of the M365 App is its adaptability to your needs. From customising the layout to pinning your most frequently used applications, the M365 App puts you in control, ensuring a tailored experience for business environments.  

Exploring Hidden Gems 

  • Seamless Collaboration: Beyond the core applications, the M365 App offers robust collaborative features. You have direct access to shared documents and integrated communication tools like instant messaging, empowering your teams to collaborate efficiently. 
  • Templates Galore: Unlock a world of templates across all Office apps through the M365 App’s “Create” tab. From business reports to project plans, these templates expedite the creation process and ensure a professional look for your documents. You can easily create new content and get a head start with a pre-designed template, all while making your content shine. 
  • Stay in the Loop: The “Feed” feature within the M365 App provides a snapshot of your work world. Get updates on ongoing activities, see what colleagues are up to, review files shared in meetings, and access recent documents—all in one place. Business users find this particularly useful for staying updated on calendar events and important project developments. Also, the feed helps you stay on top of your day, prepare for upcoming meetings, see updates from people you follow, and provides personalised recommendations powered by the Microsoft Graph. 
The options within the Feed tab

Organisation and Accessibility 

  • Centralised Management: Within the Microsoft 365 App, the “My Content” section acts as your personal repository for your documents. Store, organise, and access your documents seamlessly. The ability to categorise by type, project, or other criteria makes finding files a breeze. 
  • Favourites for Quick Access: The M365 App lets you mark files as favourites, ensuring swift access to frequently used materials — a really cool feature. This capability minimises time spent searching and maximises productivity. 
  • Intuitive Search: For files outside of the Quick Access section, the M365 App’s powerful search functionality lets you find files and content quickly, regardless of where they’re stored—whether it’s online versions or mobile versions. No more sifting through numerous folders – your information is at your fingertips. 

Enhanced Productivity 

  • Optimised Workflows: The M365 App streamlines business processes. It facilitates seamless transitions from creating a document to collaborating, sharing, and finalising—all within the same environment. 
  • Integration is Key: The M365 App’s integration with various M365 services eliminates the need to switch between applications. Whether it’s referencing documents while emailing or accessing files within Teams or Active Directory, the M365 App ensures a fluid experience from a single taskbar. 

Security and Accessibility 

  • Security First: The M365 App prioritises security. Your data is encrypted, adhering to robust security standards to protect against unauthorised access. With loss prevention and device management, your data remains secure even on mobile devices with advanced security features. 
  • Always On, Anywhere: The M365 App is accessible across devices and platforms, from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones. Dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android ensure seamless on-the-go access, keeping you connected even while using Office Mobile. 
  • Offline Access: You can mark specific documents for offline access, allowing you to view and edit files even without an active internet connection. This feature is particularly useful for mobile users and business professionals on the move. 
The My Content tab provides quick access to your most popular documents

Discover How the M365 App Can Work for You 

The Microsoft 365 App is not just a collection of applications—it’s a powerhouse of essential tools for business processes, productivity, and collaboration. By harnessing its full potential, you can enhance teamwork, streamline workflows, and achieve more in less time. With its hidden gems, personalised experience, and seamless integration with popular applications, the M365 App is a must-explore suite of apps for anyone seeking to excel in the modern work landscape. 

Want to learn more about the app, the Microsoft productivity suite, or Office 365 in general? Propelle’s experts are here to help—give us a call today. 


Frequently Asked Questions About the Microsoft 365 (M365) Application 

What is the M365 App, and how does it differ from individual Office applications? 

The M365 App is a central hub that brings together various Microsoft 365 tools and applications, offering a unified interface for streamlined access. Unlike individual applications, the M365 App provides seamless integration, collaborative features, and customisation options for a more efficient workflow. All your work comes together in one place, including third-party content.  

Can I collaborate with colleagues using the M365 App? 

Absolutely. The M365 App enhances collaboration by offering real-time co-authoring, shared documents, and integrated communication tools in one place. Team members can collaborate efficiently regardless of their physical location, fostering a cohesive work environment with advanced security features and regular updates. You can also access documents that have been shared in meetings here.  

How does the M365 App assist in document management and accessibility? 

The M365 App includes the “My Content” section, acting as your personal repository for your documents. You can organise files by type, project, or other criteria and even mark documents as favourites for quick access. Additionally, the app’s intuitive search functionality simplifies finding files regardless of where they’re stored—whether it’s online versions or mobile versions. The availability of online storage and the ability to share files further enhance accessibility for business users. You can search and find files that were shared by specific people and files that were shared during meetings, bringing everything together in a single experience.  

Is the M365 App accessible on different devices?  

Yes, the M365 App is designed for accessibility across a variety of devices and platforms, from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones. Dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android ensure seamless access on the go, facilitating work flexibility, including offline access for mobile users.  

How does the M365 App prioritise security? 

 Security is a priority for the M365 App, following Business Standard and Business Premium protocols. Your data is encrypted, adhering to robust security standards to protect against unauthorised access. Whether you’re accessing documents offline or collaborating with team members, the M365 App ensures the confidentiality of sensitive information. Advanced security capabilities, including loss prevention and device management, are particularly valuable for business users.