Free Training Resources for Microsoft 365

Microsoft has launched free training for their products and they can be accessed from your own SharePoint site! Introducing the Learning Pathways site which has been rolled out to help users get on board with the Microsoft 365 products, including Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams.

Once the site has been deployed, an admin can create customised playlists for the company or upload internal training alongside the provided content. As the apps and platform develop, there will be updates from Microsoft which can be downloaded and applied to your site.

What is the Learning Pathways Site?

The Learning Pathways site is a customizable learning platform which allows contains learning content from the Microsoft online content catalog, which is regularly updated. It is also a fully customizable site and your company’s internal training content can be added allowing users to create a blended playlist of both internal training and Microsoft training.

The Learning Pathways site can also support a variety of languages, should your company need multi-lingual support. The languages supported by the Learning Pathways site are:

  • English
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • French
  • German
  • Italian 
  • Japanese 
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Russian 
  • Spanish

How do I get it?

The Microsoft Learning Pathways site can be provisioned using the SharePoint Online Provisioning Service with a few easy steps!

You will need to have tenant admin credentials to deploy the site.
1. Navigate to the Microsoft 365 learning pathways solution page.

Deployment Step 1

2. Select Add to your tenant. If you aren’t already signed in with admin credentials, you’ll be prompted to do so.
3. If the Permissions requested pop-up appears, select Consent on behalf of your organisation.

Deployment Step 2
4. In the final confirmation screen, provide an email address to notify when the site is complete (the default will be the person completing the provisioning steps) 5. Confirm the URL for the new site (the default is /Sites/M365LP) 6. Click Provision to start the process. 7. When the provisioning is complete, an email will be sent to the address provided. Once it’s been deployed, make sure you jump into the site and click on the ‘Get start with the Admin Success Centre’ at the bottom of the page. It will show you how to customise the learning pathways for your company, drive adoption and measure the impact of the site. There you have, how to deploy the free training site from Microsoft and get started customising it for your organisation.