The best ways to get alerts on issues with Microsoft Office 365

Is there an easier way?

The service health of Microsoft 365 covers Outlook, SharePoint and the Office 365 Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) as well as Teams, Flow and PowerApps among others. Your company admin should be keeping an eye on the service health of these services and keeping the users informed should there be an issue.

Some of your savvier users may have found the publicly available reports where they can check the service health for themselves. In a previous post that saw Office 365 stop working world-wide, this page became quite useful for users who were unable to receive email.

But, what if service alerts could be pushed to you rather than relying on you to go to the Microsoft 365 admin centre to check?

We will show you two simpler ways to make sure you are on top of any service health issues.

Sign up for email alerts

If you’d like service issues or outages to be emailed to you, you will need to have access to the Microsoft 365 admin portal.

  1. Navigate to the service health page in the Microsoft 365 admin portal.
  2. Click the Preferences cog under Service Health.
  1. Click the Email tab to view your email options
  2. Tick the Send me email notifications about service health checkbox. The notification options will be shown.
  3. Enter your email address.
    • Note: you can enter in an address external to your tenant to receive these notifications.
  4. Review the type of issues (Incidents and advisories) and uncheck the box if you do not want to receive notifications for that type of issue.
  5. Review the services and uncheck the checkbox beside any services if you do not want to receive email notifications for that service.
  6. Click Save at the bottom of the form.
  7. The next time there is an incident that matches your settings, you will receive an email notification.

Microsoft 365 Admin App

The Microsoft 365 admin app enables you to access the Microsoft 365 admin portal on your mobile or tablet so you can make changes to your tenant on the go. This could be updates to users, groups or shared mailboxes. You can also review the service health notifications or the message centre or access the current billing settings.

The app’s notification settings manage the push notifications you receive, but the default is to send notifications for incidents or advisories across all of 365.  You can navigate to the notification settings in the app’s menu to review these and turn off notifications for services you and your company aren’t actively using.

The service health notifications can be quite useful, and give you a heads up when there is an issue that may impact your users. This is helpful way for you and your team to be proactive about altering users.

Please note, you cannot access other admin centres (such as the SharePoint or Teams admin centre) from the app