Assess Your Jive Environment with Our Free Auditing Script

Jive has been a leading intranet platform for a number of years. However, as with every document sharing and collaboration platform, it can become difficult to manage the volume of content that is created over time. 

In the past we’ve highlighted the importance of content auditing, and the benefits that come with regular reviews of an online environment. But we also know that auditing is often a manual process that may require sifting through years of content, and thousands of documents. 

As automation experts, we knew there was a better solution. This is why we’ve developed a free PowerShell auditing script to do the hard work for you. You can download the script via the form below – but read on as we explain how our innovative auditing script deep dives into your Jive environment.

What will the Jive auditing script do?

Our auditing script is designed specifically for Jive audits; it uses a JIVE API to crawl through the whole environment, assessing the contents of each Place. 

In Jive, Places are virtual spaces where people collaborate and share information. Each Place has its own set of features and capabilities, such as document libraries, discussion forums, polls, videos, blogs, and calendars, which can be customised by the Place owner or administrator to suit the needs of the group. The auditing script will analyse and pull data from all of the Places in your Jive environment and output that data into a spreadsheet.

The output will detail all the pages, files, blogs, videos and images in each Place. This will make it easy for you to understand what is most active, where the most content is and most importantly which Places require the focus of your migration efforts.

Why should you use our auditing script to assess your Jive environment?

Aside from dramatically reducing the manual hours required to conduct an audit? Our script was developed in-house and extensively tested to ensure it works correctly. It is deliberately simple to use: all you need to do is input your Jive site’s information (URL, username/password, never fear you run this locally and no information is shared) into the script, choose the output location, and let it run. However, if you aren’t familiar with PowerShell scripts, get in touch and we can help. Our team can assist with all components of auditing and planning your intranet migration.

Can the auditing script help me plan a migration from Jive to SharePoint?

Are you considering migrating your online environment from Jive to Microsoft SharePoint? It’s a transition we’re seeing more frequently. We have lead and supported numerous intranet migrations, from a variety of platforms. Conducting an audit of your existing environment is the first step in planning a successful migration.

Firstly, it allows you to identify what files and pages you have and where they are located, which can be especially useful if your current environment is cluttered or disorganised. From there, you can determine what content you actually need to migrate, and what can be safely discarded or archived.

Secondly, an audit can flag any potential issues or conflicts that may arise during the migration process, such as file name conflicts, permissions issues, or unsupported file types.

Lastly, you’ll have a better understanding of the scope and complexity of the project. This can help you estimate the time, resources needed, and budget required for the migration, and ensure that you have a clear roadmap for completing the migration successfully.

Get started on your Jive environment audit

Manual auditing is a thing of the past with our free auditing script. With just a few clicks, you can scan your entire Jive environment and generate a comprehensive report that includes all the necessary information for you to plan out your next steps. You can download our auditing script via the form below – or get in touch with our migration specialists to talk through any questions you have about this process.