A Checklist for a Successful Jive to SharePoint Migration

Migrating from Jive to SharePoint can be a challenging task, but with proper planning and execution, the transition can be seamless. Having helped many clients make the move to SharePoint, our experts know what you should be ticking off as you plan and execute the transition. In this article, you’ll find a helpful and easy to follow checklist that will guide you through a successful Jive to SharePoint migration – and then you can use our awesome auditing script to assess your Jive environment!

Step 1 – Planning

 Identify key internal stakeholders and seek input into planning.

 Analyse the current Jive file structure and identify any inconsistencies or issues.

 Define the scope of the migration and set realistic goals and timelines.

 Develop a communication plan to keep stakeholders and end-users informed about the migration process.

Step 2 – Preparation

 Review and categorise all files to be migrated.

 Archive or delete any outdated or unnecessary files 

 Ensure all files are follow consistent naming conventions and metadata.

 Check file permissions and ensure they are correctly set up for the new environment.

 Convert any Jive-specific file types to SharePoint-compatible formats.

Close up of a wall, sheets of paper lined up with strings connecting them. On the paper is planning strategy
Fail to plan, plan to fail. Planning ahead for your migration will save you headaches down the line.

Step 3 – Migration

 Select an appropriate migration tool.

 Test the migration tool on a small subset of data to ensure accuracy and identify any potential issues.

 Migrate the data in batches, keeping track of progress and any errors or warnings.

 Monitor the migration process to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Step 4 – Validation

Verify that all files have been migrated correctly.

Conduct user acceptance testing to ensure users can access and use files in the new environment.

Validate any file permissions and access controls.

Train users on any new features or functions in the SharePoint environment.

Create a post-migration report to document the process and identify any lessons learned.

Migrating from Jive to SharePoint requires careful planning, preparation, and execution. By following this checklist, you can ensure a successful migration that meets your organisation’s goals and timelines while minimising any disruption to your users. It is essential to communicate with stakeholders and end-users throughout the process and provide them with training and support as needed.

This checklist has been built from our years of experiencing migrating intranets to SharePoint. So if you’re ready to make the change, our experts are to here help. Let’s get the conversation started today.

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