Microsoft Teams Hacks

Microsoft Teams has rapidly become the go-to platform for seamless communication and collaboration for organisations worldwide. Though usage has leapt in the past five years, we know from working with our clients that there are some lesser-known Microsoft Teams hacks. In this article, we’ll explore some fun and practical tips to customise and personalise your Teams workspace to take your experience to the next level!

Understanding Microsoft Teams 

Before we dive into the hacks, let’s have a quick refresher on what Microsoft Teams is all about. Think of it as your virtual office, bringing together chat, video calls, file sharing, and app integration all under one roof. With most organisations offering remote and hybrid working conditions, it’s a great way to have everyone in the virtual office online and collaborating at the same time. 

Simple Microsoft Teams Hacks 

Customising Your Profile Picture 

Teams users can personalise their identity by adding a profile picture. Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner and upload an image. Having a profile picture adds a touch of familiarity in message threads and the activity feed. 

Personalising Backgrounds During Meetings 

Add a touch of personality to your video meetings by personalising your background during meetings. Click on the ellipsis (…) menu during a video meeting to choose from a variety of backgrounds. Whether it’s a serene beach or a sleek office backdrop, this feature lets you add a professional touch or a bit of fun to your virtual meetings.  

Enhancing Productivity with Files Tab 

The Files tab is a hub for quick access to shared and recent documents. Need to find meeting notes, presentations, or collaborative files? Head over to the Files tab, located on the left side of your Teams channel, to locate and edit documents with ease. 

Managing Unread Messages and Notifications 

You can stay on top of your messages easily. The message box in the top left corner of Teams displays a number indicating the number of unread messages. Once you open them, keep important messages at your fingertips by pinning them or using the bookmark icon to save them for future reference. 

Searching for Messages and Content 

The search bar in Teams is the best way to swiftly locate specific messages, files, and information. No more sifting through conversation threads – type in your query, and let Teams fetch the results for you. This is especially useful when you’re looking for past conversations, meeting transcripts, or shared files. This process is much easier if your organisation follows consistent file naming conventions. 

a screenshot of one of the microsoft teams hacks, the settings to adjust your video meeting background
The range of options for your video meeting background.

Unveiling Hidden Teams 

Working with larger teams? Hidden teams offer an excellent solution. These private channels within larger teams enable focused collaboration on specific projects or initiatives. You can access hidden teams through the Teams list on the left side of the app, ensuring that you stay connected to various team conversations. 

Effortless Hosting of Meetings 

When it’s your turn to host meetings in Teams, the process is simple. Just click on the calendar icon on the left side to schedule a meeting. During a meeting in progress, the meeting organiser has control over the microphone, camera, and screen sharing. You can also enable captions during meetings using the “Immersive Reader” feature, making it easier for all participants to follow along. 

Intelligent Meeting Features 

Microsoft Teams comes equipped with intelligent features that enhance your meeting experience. The three-dot icon in a meeting allows you to access options like recording the meeting, viewing meeting notes, and accessing the meeting transcript. These advanced features simplify post-meeting follow-ups and information sharing. 

Effective Message Threads 

The message threads in Microsoft Teams ensure seamless communication and organisation. Each message thread captures the flow of conversation around a specific topic or project. You can reply to messages, attach files, and use emojis to convey your thoughts effectively. And if you need to correct yourself, simply hover your mouse over the message and hit the edit button to fix up any mistakes. For those of us who constantly make typos, this is a great Microsoft Teams Hack!

Utilising the Notifications Tab

Notifications will appear along the left-hand menu, and you can customise how you receive notifications for messages, mentions, and other activities. Stay in control and adjust the settings to ensure that you’re notified about what matters most, or you can silence them when you need to focus on work. 

Maximising Collaboration with Active Users 

Here’s another Microsoft Teams Hack: Stay connected with active users in your Teams channels. The Active Users list, located to one side of the app, shows you who’s online and available for immediate communication. This is ideal for sending a quick message to colleagues and getting swift responses. During meetings, attendees can ask clarifying questions in the meeting chat and other attendees can answer without needing to interrupt the host. 

Accessing Hidden Features with Three-Dot Icon 

The three-dot icon in Microsoft Teams is your gateway to hidden features and options. Clicking on this icon opens a menu that provides additional choices related to messages, files, meetings, and more. It’s a convenient way to access advanced functionalities without cluttering the interface.  

Wherever you see the three dots, more options are available!

Discover More Microsoft Teams

Whether you’re a beginner navigating through basic features or an advanced user harnessing the power of intelligent features, Microsoft Teams offers an array of tools to streamline your work and enhance collaboration. But if you want a deeper dive into Microsoft Teams hacks, or any other apps in the Office 365 Group, Propelle’s Microsoft experts are here to help. We can coach you through hosting engaging meetings in Teams, as well as mastering other third-party apps that will improve your productivity. 

FAQs About MS Teams

Can I change the notification sounds in Microsoft Teams? 

Absolutely! Say goodbye to boring notifications and choose your favourite sounds to add some flair to your Teams experience. Go to Settings > Notifications to make it happen. 

Is it possible to add external apps to Microsoft Teams? 

You bet! Microsoft Teams plays well with others, and you can integrate apps like Trello, Asana, or even Spotify to supercharge your productivity. Streamline your workflow and get things done with ease. 

Can I access Microsoft Teams on my mobile device? 

Absolutely, this is an easy Microsoft Teams Hack! With the Teams mobile app, you’re not tied to your desk. Stay connected and collaborate on the go – whether you’re commuting, traveling, or just chilling at home. You might need to navigate slightly different device settings to the desktop app. 

How do I troubleshoot audio and video quality issues in Teams meetings? 

No more pixelated faces or muffled voices! Check your microphone and camera settings, ensure a stable internet connection, and close any bandwidth-hogging apps to enjoy crystal-clear communication. 

What are some best practices for secure communication in Microsoft Teams? 

Keep it safe and sound! Use strong passwords and enable multi-factor authentication to protect your account. Share sensitive information in private chats, and don’t forget to keep your Teams app updated to the latest version.