What's New at Nintex in 2023?

Propelle partners with a select number of organisations to provide high-quality productivity solutions for our clients. We’re proud to have a long-standing partnership with Nintex, an internationally renowned automation platform that has big things coming in 2023. 

We spoke to Marcus Platt from Nintex to ask him about how Nintex approaches automation, the new solutions Nintex provides for clients, and how they plan to expand their offerings this year.

How did Nintex get started?

Nintex was born in the world of SharePoint, designed to enhance automation within that platform. However, as needs evolved over time, they saw needs outside of SharePoint to automate processes that don’t just live within the Microsoft stack. They have since expanded their offerings, acquiring process mapping and documentation, document creation and e-signature solutions to provide a more holistic experience for customers. 

They also offer Nintex Process Discovery, a way to discover what is going on in your organisation at a process level. This helps people understand what part every employee plays to build a cohesive picture. It also reveals where processes can be improved, either through automation or through other means.

What is the Nintex approach?

When we look at the Nintex approach to process improvement, we need to look at what makes an excellent end-to-end process. The three pillars to process excellence are: Understanding, Executing, and Reporting. 

  • Understanding is knowing exactly what is going on within your organisation and what actions to take to achieve business outcomes. 
  • Executing is completing the actions to achieve those business outcomes. These actions can be undertaken in two ways – manually and automatically.
  • Reporting is ensuring the process is running as expected and proving the business is meeting what success means for that process. 

When you look at these three pillars, they also become a cyclical ongoing process improvement motion. Once you’ve understood how to complete a process, you know who is responsible for executing it, and reporting gives you good insight into how to improve the efficiency within that process. A process isn’t something you implement and it stays that way forever; it needs to evolve and adapt to the needs of your customers, the business itself, and ongoing innovation with technology. 

So, when we look at how Nintex approaches process improvement, you can see three definitive pillars of its platform; Discover, Automate, and Optimise. These three pillars address the three pillars of an excellent process. Each pillar utilises a unique Nintex system, as explained below.

Papers and post-it notes are spread across a desk. Several people are gathered, pointing and planning.


  • Nintex Process Discovery, uncovering the processes within your organisation.
  • Nintex Process Manager, giving your employees a comprehensive understanding of what to do at any given time during a process.


  • Nintex Automation Cloud, using cloud infrastructure to automate processes across your organisation. 
  • Nintex Automation, automating processes using on-premises or private cloud infrastructure. 
  • Nintex RPA, automating mouse clicks and keyboard strokes for manual-based processes.
  • Nintex DocGen® for Salesforce, creating dynamic documentation using Salesforce data to eliminate manual creation of documents.
  • Nintex eSign, collecting digital signatures to execute legal documentation.


  • Nintex Insights, analyse your organisation’s performance and assess whether your processes are meeting your definition of success.

What are customers asking for in 2023?

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When we look at how Nintex introduces new capabilities as part of its platform, it has always been in response to the needs of existing customers or even people who are looking for a process improvement solution. So, as technology continues to evolve, it’s inevitable that people will be looking for more solutions to improve the way they work. Existing Nintex customers and prospects alike, have pointed out what they would like as part of a process improvement solution, and Nintex is already building solutions and branching out into new areas. 

One area they’re interested in developing is handling information and data for customers who don’t have existing infrastructure (SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.), as well as storing documentation in a centralised location across the platform. They will of course continue to support the above-mentioned integration points for existing customers. 

With the current economic climate, there’s a growing trend of people trying to do more with less. Nintex is seeing people validating the software they’re using across their organisation and trying to understand the value of their solutions. The great thing about using Nintex Process Manager when you’re trying to run a lean organisation is that it shows where systems and services are being leveraged throughout the business and how valuable they are as part of a process. 

Nintex can also eliminate the manual parts of your process so people can add more value to the business rather than mundane tasks, while also improving accuracy of information flowing through a process using automation. 

Overall, in tough economic times, the best way to still run your business is to invest in understanding your processes, automating them, and ensure every solution you’ve implemented as part of your digital transformation journey is saving you money.

How can Nintex benefit your organisation?

Ready to start your own journey with Nintex? Our consultants know the ins and outs of this versatile, easy-to-use platform, and look forward to discussing how your organisation can benefit from the Nintex approach. Get in touch with us today!