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Valo intranet solutions accelerate and optimise your digital workforce

No matter your business, Propelle have the tools and the expertise to transform your workforce into more productive, more satisfied, and more engaged employees. Underpinned by Valo Intranet solutions, we deliver intrants, extranet and digital workplaces in weeks…not months.

At Propelle, we believe people matter just as much as productivity, and that’s why we have invested in our partnership with Valo. Removing real blockers to common work place communication and collaboration problems starts with choosing great tools, and exceptional support.


Just a few great reasons to love Propelle + Valo

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Accessible for everyone, everywhere

Valo modern intranet is available across all device types, from desktop to mobile. It is WCAG compliant and available  in 20+ languages.


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A modern, interactive news feed


Relevant content that allows users to stay up to date and collaborate in real time. Users can scroll their news feed and interact with colleagues and content.


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Find people, know people


Getting to know colleagues, roles, and teams made easy with directories and org charts. It’s easier to become part of the team with a Valo modern intranet.


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Intranet-in-a-box, or infinitely customisable

Valo provides extensive libraries of templates and plugins to augment the out-of-the-box Valo Intranet Solution, allowing you to deliver exceptional intranets within weeks.


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Consistent with your branding


Consistency is important to ensure a smooth user journey. Deploy branded templates for any content, meaning everything published has the same look and feel.


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Cloud or on-premise hosting?


You choose! We support intranets hosted in the cloud, on premises, or hybrid scenarios. All the data sits in your 365 environment. Your security, your rules, your data.


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Mobile alerts


Browse your intranet via your mobile, and more. Using Valo modern intranet you can push important notices directly to the mobile phone, so you won’t miss a thing.


Streamlined SharePoint

Keep all your sites looking and functioning the same across the intranet and beyond. The user journey is streamlined for the best possible experience.


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Get personal

Publish relevant content based on role, location or interests. Users can subscribe to additional content tailored to their interests and information needs.


Communicate and collaborate

Now more than ever, effective communication and collaboration between people and teams is crucial. Even if your team isn’t spread across the globe, the realities of hybrid work are here to stay. Propelle is partnering with Valo to help you navigate the challenges of intrants, extranet and digital workplace deployments.

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Propelle and Valo together gives you the opportunity to accelerate your intranet deployment, ensuring the quality, consistency and functionality of your digital workplace is never compromised.

Our experts get to know how your people work and plan a dynamic, feature rich and highly usable experience which promotes people as the heart of productivity.


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