Propelle becomes a Certified Valo Partner

Propelle is partnering up to create smarter and more thoughtful digital workplaces

If you’ve worked with Propelle before, you likely are aware that our number one goal is to create workplaces that are fun to participate in. Striping away needless complexity and headaches to your daily tasks. We are all about productivity, but not in the impossible-sales-target, constant-billable-hours, annoying-process-for-processes-sake kind of way.

What we are really focused on is removing blockers to getting your job done. Being productive is partially a mindset. But without the right tools, your awesome attitude is only going to get you so far.

This is why we’ve been working to create digital workplaces (intranets, portals, or extranets) that are enablers of productivity, not impediments. Intranets that are carefully designed to follow best practice workflows, allowing for the nuances of your particular business processes, and improving productivity with smart automation.

Why SharePoint?

Simply put, SharePoint has come a long way. There is a reason it has become the most widely used software for digital workplaces globally, and has much to do with its focus on usability. While SharePoint intranets out-of-the-box are a great place to start, there is a now very mature market of SharePoint intranet products ready to deploy. Additional site templates, page layouts, ready built web parts, stronger governance and additional capabilities allow you to deliver exceptional intranets. And these ready built components mean you don’t need a team of developers to maintain them on a day to day basis.

Additionally, Propelle partner Valo have delivered smart products and capabilities that elevate the SharePoint digital workplace offering. We are in perfect position to bring all these components together to deliver a seamless digital workplace.

Image demonstrates how Valo's digital workplace offering can be used across all devices
Valo Modern seamlessly runs across all devices

Why Valo?

So this is what our new partnership means for you. It will enable us to accelerate the implementation of digital workplaces across our existing and new clients. We’ll be building more productive and inclusive hubs for collaboration. Leveraging Valo products, we’ll be able to support intranet solutions for any industry. Valo’s dedicated team create SharePoint products, drawing on their passion for enhancing workplace culture and creating inclusivity. Together, Propelle and Valo are equipped to provide your organisation with a best of breed digital workplace, from conception and build, through to ongoing support.

“We are very excited to work with Propelle. We believe the combination of the Valo experience and Propelle’s commitment to excellent services will elevate the performance of businesses all over Australia. Microsoft 365 has a major role to play in helping employees be more productive at work, spurring innovation, enabling wellbeing, and providing training and up-skilling that’s critical for growth of any organization. With Propelle’s dedication to providing supporting services to enhance the workplace experience, we’re confident that as partners we will be enablers of excellence in the delivery of the modern digital workplace.” Daniel Anderson – Valo Product Manager, APAC Business Lead and Microsoft MVP

Propelle is proud to announce their partnership with Valo, leaders in the communication and intranet space.

Get in touch with Propelle to discuss how your business will benefit from a bespoke intranet, built on a robust, tested and supported technology platform.