SEEK & Propelle:
Office 365 Unification Project

Proving the possibilities and benefits of remote delivery in complex infrastructure projects.

The Organisation:


SEEK is a diverse group of companies across Asia Pacific unified under one umbrella. It’s overarching  purpose is to help people live more fulfilling and  productive working lives. As a market leader in  employment and education, SEEK has a strong  capability for insights into the future of work and online employment. SEEK is dedicated to ongoing investment into AI and technology.

Australian owned and operated, SEEK employs more than 1,000 people and over 10,000 people around the world.

The Challenge:

A complex, time sensitive project

With a global presence and a diverse range of  companies, SEEK faced a threat to the innovative  and collaborative work culture they had grown.

Employee productivity was majorly affected by  the inability to integrate Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, Nintex, PowerBI and other apps across  the multiple Microsoft 365 tenancies. This led to a  loss in efficiency and staff frustration across the  Asia Pacific region.

The risks identified in the initial scoping of this  project included downtime, loss of critical data such as calendar events and email, authentication break points, maintaining consistency in security policies across regions, and integration management  (including 3rd party).

The impacts of increased work from home  compounded the complexity of the challenge.  Upwards of 1000 users laptops would need to  be reconfigured, with no disruption to their work.

The Solution:

A unification strategy between  regions to help effective and efficient collaboration

SEEK engaged Propelle to create and embark on a significant infrastructure change management strategy. The aim was clear. Transform the disjointed employee user experience to a unified workplace and regain compromised efficiencies.

The strategy would have far reaching impacts on  all areas of the business. The O365 migration was  a core piece of a wider strategy, with approximately  10 domains requiring staged migrations.

After identifying all key dependencies across both regions, a decision was made to merge the Asia  Microsoft 365 tenant into the ANZ instance. 


Maintaining system, information, and service quality were key dependencies throughout the duration of  the project, and beyond. An ambitious time frame  of completion in 6 months was set.

The Outcome:

Setting a precedent  in remote delivery

The benefits of the migration quickly became  obvious. The simplification of the SEEK Microsoft 365 infrastructure enabled improved business  reporting, automation, and communication.

Streamlined workflows mean staff across the regions have greater empowerment to understand where they sit within the organization. There is more clarity on how to remain productive while working within global, cross functional, and  multidisciplinary teams.

Leadership at SEEK were able to realize some  unexpected benefits from the migration. Gaps in knowledge and understanding across all levels of  staff on how to use Microsoft 365 functionality  came to light. This has led to opportunities for  better onboarding and more specific training  have been identified.

A successful, minimal downtime staged migration was completed within the 6-month timeframe. This project sets a precedent, proving that small, agile teams can successfully deliver large scale projects for  multinational organizations remotely.

Project Benefits:

  • Smooth collaboration across the entire Asia Pacific
  • Maintained data integrity
  • Active Directory permissions aligned in all regions, particularly in cross team roles
  • Efficient sharing of all data, including email attachments, documents, and policies
  • A happier, more productive, and effective workforce

The Propelle Difference:

The success of the SEEK migration project was in no small part due to the enthusiasm and drive from the customer to solve complex challenges. The agility of the Propelle team ensures minimum disruption and low organizational impact, which is key to the  Propelle method.

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