Consulting Services

Integrate you systems and the business needs

Having a deep understanding the needs of the team, department or organisation is critical to being able to deliver a solution to increase productivity. We engage with you to ensure the requirements are define, agreed and set you over deliver.

Business Automation

We fight paper from every angle, by building online solutions to capture, route, check and process submissions. Using best of breed process automation tools, we build solutions that work across a range of devices, both online and offline

Process Automation

Are you stuck taking data from one system and keying it into another? Or from paper forms? This is a huge productivity bottleneck we can remove for you. Our automation skills allow you to get your systems and even paper processes talking, and let your people focus on higher value work.

Employee Experience

Have you ever looked at how your employees engage? Or the impression you are creating and how this could impact your ability to attract new people. Creating great employee experiences can make your team more productive, and can also attract the people you want in your team.

Employee Engagement

Keeping the team on top of what is going has shown to be a key driver in building an engaged workforce. Why stop there though, by providing your workforce with a digital workplace you provide them with a online community to work and engage with others across the organisation.

Digital Workplace

Challenges with remote workforce, content single point of truth, security are a challenge to any organisation. All while given staff flexibility and wanting them to be productive. We do it every day, working online, video calls, document collaboration all in a controlled and secured cloud environment. By leveraging your existing technology investments we can make this happen.

Change Management

The success of any implementation is evident in the uptake across the organisation. All to often though we take the approach ‘build it and they will come’. We work to ensure there is a good understanding of the change, the how’s and why’s, and use this to develop and execute the change alongside you. 

Support & Enhancement

A good solution is never finished on the day it goes live, and we never want to leave our clients hanging. Our support services allow you to have an escalation should anything ever go wrong and someone to assist with enhancements when they come up. We are your escalation, providing people first support.


Not knowing the capabilities or ways to use systems can be the biggest hurdle to productivity in the workplace. Having your employees trained and able to operate systems in an effective manner can ensure uptake, compliance and increase productivity.

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It could be a question or something more. We are happy to discuss your needs whatever they may be.