SharePoint & Teams INSIGHT

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Trouble with Document Management?

SharePoint and Teams are a wonderland of collaboration and content creation. The ease of creating, sharing and storing files means that content spreads and increased storage costs are inevitable. 

Our SharePoint and Teams INSIGHT is your first step to providing a collaboration platform that is governed, easy to use, and secure.

What is the 'SharePoint and Teams INSIGHT'?

The Propelle SharePoint and Teams INSIGHT is a proven approach to help organisations understand and assess their SharePoint and Teams platforms so they can refine their document management approach. 

As experienced business & technology consultants, we understand the synergy of human behaviour, business demands and the technical landscape. Bringing these elements together starts with gaining INSIGHT

You’ll receive a clear report of our findings and a list of recommendations. And to give you incredible INSIGHT, you’ll have access to an interactive dashboard with the data about how your teams are using the platforms. This information highlights the document management bottlenecks by department, person, document type, and much more.    

There are no surprises. Our SharePoint and Teams INSIGHT is delivered at an affordable fixed price.

How It Works

Get the most out of your technology with expert guidance for enhanced collaboration, productivity and compliance

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By gaining INSIGHT and optimising SharePoint and Teams you’ll get happier and more productive teams that Work Smarter.



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Q. What can Propelle’s SharePoint and Teams Insight tell me about my organisations content?
A. We are able to show you where your content is stored, and identify the largest Sites, Teams, and even OneDrives. We will also show you what kind of content (file types) are being stored. This information will help you make decisions about content management. 

Q. What about help with archiving?

A. We sure can! Our Insight review and detailed dashboard will let you view content data by date modified. This allows you to simulate how much storage you can save by archiving all content not touched in the last 3 years, for example.

Q. What about Sharing of Content?
A. The dashboard can show you who has shared a file and with whom, and even what level of access they have been granted. This includes external sharing where people outside of your organisation have access to files.

Q. Can I see who has been creating content?

A. Yes you can. We provide reports on who and which department have been creating content, and where they have been creating it in your environment. This information will help you develop or refine a solid content plan.

Q. What about file types?

A. Yes we can show you all the types of files ( for example doc, xls, pdf, exe) that are in your SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive environment. You can even filter by the different file types and see the number of each, and the full path. This can assist many orgnanisations with compliance management.

Q. What about storage at the site level?

A. The Insight will provide you with a view of a site, the number of files, file types and size. You can even see which people have created the files.

Q. Can I see where content is being stored by person?

A. Yes, through the dashboard we can show you by the name of the user, where they are storing their content, and how much is being stored. This could be across SharePoint sites or Teams, even OneDrive. This information will help inform internal process and training needs. 

Q. What about unused Teams?

A. The Insight will show you where Teams have been created and never used, or not touched in a long time. With this information you can then plan a cleanup and consolidation.

Q. Can we see how much content people are storing in OneDrive

A. Yes you can. Our Insight clients have found this very important information. M365 is a collaboration platform, whereas OneDrive is for single people. The Insight report will show you where people are storing and sharing large quantities of content in their OneDrive. Again, this information will help with process reviews and identify training needs. 

Q. What kind of recommendations will the SharePoint and Teams Insight provide?

A. From talking to people in your organisation and reviewing the environment, the Insight recommendations report will align the needs of your people with the capabilities of Microsoft 365. The recommendations may be along the lines of restricting OneDrive usage, changing your external sharing settings, control Teams provisioning or training. All recommendations are based on our of years experience optimising business processes and working with Microsoft 365.

Q. How does Propelle provide the recommendations?

A. We create a detailed Insight report and walk your team through the report, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about best practice. We will also provide you with the dashboard so you can align the recommendations with the data.

Q. How are the Insight recommendations implemented?

A. This is up to you. We are happy to assist with the implementation plan, or you can manage this internally. We work alongside many of our clients after the Insight, and engage in a joint approach to optimising SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive.