Whereabouts - Digital In Out Board.

Know where the team is, fast and simple

Desktop Screen displaying whereabouts digital in out board

Knowing where people are presents a common compliance need within many organisations. It helps to streamline customer service enquiries by knowing who is available, and who has the expertise to deal with an issue. While paper processes have commonly met this challenge, they don’t scale and require a lot of manually handling. Whereabouts is the Digital In Out Board solution to help organisations and teams of any size.


Know who is onsite, out and away quickly and easily. Make changes to status in seconds


Single sign-on using Microsoft Azure Active Directory, pick your group and bring in all the other details like job titles, photo and department​


Easy to configure dashboards for display across tablets, monitors and TV Screens


Mobile app so team can update status from their own device, and find people and their status


All activity and changes is available for reporting and compliance, making it easy to find who was at a site on any day.

Whereabouts was built to provide a single point of tracking, integrated into your existing staff directory and authentication system. By leveraging the existing user account management system, Whereabouts ensures everyone is accounted for, based on location or group.

The app can be published on dedicated monitors or TV’s to show visitors who is in and available. Community based teams such as health services or customer service centres will be more productive and responsive with Whereabouts.

Mobile Screen displaying staff members whereabouts

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