Why Should You Choose Microsoft SharePoint for your Intranet?

You’ve decided that your organisation needs either a new or renovated intranet. Now it’s time to decide which platform will suit you best. There are plenty of options on the market, but when you’re comparing different platforms, go for one the experts trust. At Propelle, our team has years of experience building intranets for clients. So why should you choose Microsoft SharePoint intranet for your organisation?

Let discuss the platform in a little more detail.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a Communication, document management and collaboration platform. It is designed to help organisations create, manage, and share content and information (e.g. files, documents, data). Configured via a web browser, SharePoint itself is accessed via a web user browser and on your phone also via a mobile app. With SharePoint, users can edit content, edit the structure of their intranet (build and remove pages, add or remove features), analyse page traffic, and build workflows. 

Using an intuitive navigation system, SharePoint is designed to make it easy for people to find what they need fast. It also allows you to build an online hub where you can share information about your organisation with your team. Having a virtual meeting place or noticeboard encourages employees to interact with your organisation beyond simply creating and storing files. 

SharePoint can be accessed across all device types; desktops, laptops, and smartphones. This allows you and your team to access your intranet – and everything on it – no matter where you are. This is especially convenient for industries where employees don’t operate from traditional offices, work remotely or travel for their role.

Everything you need in one place

One of SharePoint’s most attractive features is the ability to have everything you need in one location. With a well-designed home page and intuitive navigation, your employees can find exactly what they need with just a few clicks. It also comes with a powerful search tool and intelligent ways to tag and discover information. 

Managing the content across your site is made simple, too. Nominated users can quickly access security and permissions settings, create, edit, and share procedures and policies, conduct page audits and restorations all from the SharePoint dashboard.

Streamline processes

SharePoint’s stellar reputation for streamlining previously time-consuming and difficult tasks is well-deserved. With the promise of increasing productivity, SharePoint delivers a range of features that simplify tasks; from automated approvals to complex workflows. With its catalogue of apps, admins can improve user experience with easy and engaging processes. 

This streamlining extends to the integration of existing business applications. When you roll out Microsoft SharePoint across your organisation, you don’t need to introduce an entire suite of new products. SharePoint connects with the Microsoft Office Suite – Word, Excel, PowerPoint – as well as all the Office 365 family of products.

Why do global organisations choose Microsoft SharePoint?

As a comprehensive enterprise platform, SharePoint is a leader in document, knowledge, and project management. It allows for real-time collaboration and communication with sharing, co-authoring, and live chat features. Users can share project information, track progress, and view past versions of documents so nothing important goes astray. 

Many of SharePoint’s features are designed to feel familiar, so new users can easily pick up how things work. This is a massive bonus for remote and hybrid workforces who may be onboarding new employees through a screen. Administrators have the power to manage permissions and access so employees can access the pages that are relevant to their day-to-day duties. 

Many organisations integrate SharePoint intranet with Teams, creating distinct sites within the organisation for each department. This means employees can go directly to their page to locate information that affects their day-to-day tasks. Group conversations are saved, and links dropped into the chat lead to the relevant folders – eliminating the need to search. 

Do you want to learn more about a Microsoft SharePoint intranet? Our consultants are more than happy to discuss your needs – get in touch with us today.